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All our yoga classes strengthen and correct the body structure, stretch muscles creating a positive foundation for a healthy body. All classes include stretching exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.

The Kriyametrics yoga program is a breath of fresh air that allows both body and mind to release, stress and tension. When done regularly the body and mind reprograms itself into a new and more positive way of being. It uses the bodies intuitive way of releasing stress, trauma or shock in a safe and natural manner. It is a must do class in this fast-paced stressful world.


MONDAY - General Yoga  7pm

THURSDAY -  Kriyametrics  7pm

SATURDAY - General Yoga  10am

All of our classes are currently running weekly ONLINE!! 


At first I thought I was just learning how to make my body and mind strong by taking the Diploma of Yoga Teaching Course. In just 12months I have moved so far beyond the physical body and learnt so much about my true self and my place in the Universe. I feel like these teachings would only be found in so many places.




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