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Learn. Let Go. Live

There is an ancient Buddhist story I find extremely relevant in today’s world and I would like to share it with you.

2 monks are walking and come to a river they need to cross. They see a young woman who is stranded and needs help. One monk puts the young woman on his shoulders and helps her across the river. He sets her down on the other side and continues on his way. The other monk is appalled and horrified at his friend for touching a woman. Something that is forbidden. He goes on and on about it for 2 days until the other monk turns to him and says “I carried the woman across the river and set her down on the other side. You have been carrying her around with us for days”.

How often do we do that in our lives? We have an experience and it lives with us forever. We go through life collecting negative thoughts and feelings and never set them down. We struggle on a day to day basis because we have so many things weighing us down. If the negative thoughts and feelings were chairs we would have enough on our back to fill a sports stadium. It is time to set some down and move on in life with a positive mind-set that places us on a path to our dreams. I know this is achievable because I have done it myself and I want to share the way with you. It is easy and affordable but most importantly it is accessible and done in your own home. You can pace it to suit yourself and the best part is that you have constant support should you need it.


You won’t be on your own.

6 Weeks to Take Control of your Life

The 6-week program starts your journey by navigating you through the maze of de-cluttering, both mentally and physically and gaining an understanding of where your negative thoughts and feelings come from. You will learn how to rid your life of fear and show you how to stand in your truth, setting you on a more positive path to the life you know you want but most importantly can have.

Giving yourself this six weeks is a great start to owning your own life and having it on your terms. Something that we so often find is elusive. 

12 Weeks to Change it Forever

The 12 week program is a comprehensive journey that teaches you not only about yourself, but how to make effective changes that will alter the course of your life forever. You will be given tools and invaluable information that you can keep and use whenever you need them. Not only do you get the entire 6 week program but added to that will be weeks on mind maps, mirroring, hypnosis, success outcomes and more. You will finish this program with a new mind-set and outlook on life. You will also have access to one on one skype sessions and not one but 3 hypnosis recordings for you to keep and play. This program is a one stop life changer designed to give you the life that fulfils your dreams. Stop going around in circles and start moving forward. The life you want is ahead of you, so stop looking back and wishing. Start living for now and the future will be the one you never thought possible.    

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